International logistics corporation: Application development, specifically in billing, duties and taxes, custom clearance areas.

Domestic trucking brokerage companies: Development of online Load Board integration, as well as streamlining of required insurance and statutory documentation for fast online carrier approval.


Both statewide and local bank web development. Adherence to regulatory and audit compliance. Flexible Rate structures, categorical calculator integration, marketing promotional development including social media campaigns, and compliant interface with online banking login.


Development of a variety of clinical websites with patient online payment portals, physician marketing group sites with online physician directories, hospital driven weight-loss programs with online nutritional product sales, as well as patient transport services both air and ground.


Educational experience in the development of large public district websites accommodating multiple campuses, district-wide meeting state and federal regulatory requirements, statewide educational technical organizations, private school websites, preschool childcare school services.


Managed large manufacturing website accounts in close relationship with marketing departments for new marketing campaigns involving product display, online catalogs, home page promotion, landing pages to obtain metrics for tv, radio, mail campaigns, conference marketing initiatives, as well as occasional re-branding needs for both national and international based companies.

Utility Billing

Experienced in the application development & implementation of online billing solutions for water and gas utilities. Customer bases ranging from small rural to larger metropolitan areas. Many sites were integrated with several leading utility billing systems.

Event Management

National special event companies providing power supply, climate control, and electrical distribution for large scale televised sporting events, disaster recovery, supporting military training, and large industrial projects.

Event management for large marketing events, including volunteer submissions, competition coordination & integration, social media distribution of event information, and online vendor information & application.

Fitness & Health

Full service health & fitness clubs: online schedules for events and group fitness classes, online photo galleries, video tours, community blogs with social media integration, membership services with online quotes, competitive comparison, billing integration.

Group Training Organizations: daily fitness routine blogs with front end submission, video blogs for competitions and training, online schedules, online membership services.

Local, & State Government

Political Campaign sites, Election Systems, integration with tabulation and election results for online display, coordination with large metropolitan area media outlets (tv/radio), Integration with campaign finance reporting systems, and Election Registration Systems.


Large corporate financial organizations specializing in annuities and insurance, property and casualty companies, accounting firms. Online application development of batch entry internal audit and controls.

Non-Profit Organizations

Support organizations specializing in a variety of issues related to youth, women's issues, hunger, nationally based volunteer organizations with online volunteer opportunity databases.

Church Organizations

Religious based sites: for various church denominations, music or evangelical ministries, online ministries for families with e-commerce products, or specific missionary causes.



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